“Take Care of Your Body - It’s The Only Place You Have to Live” - Jim Rohn

As a massage therapist, who has a strong focus on holistic health and wellbeing; every day I’m lucky enough to experience and see for myself the many exceptional health benefits through massage.

I believe regular massage is one of the essential items for good mental and physical health and wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an “eye of the tiger” athlete who thrives on the adrenalin of serious sport, you could be feeling stressed out to the max as you’re being pushed and pulled from one major responsibility to the next or your desire is to ensure you maintain mobility and maximum good health in your twilight years.  

Massage works by improving circulation and increases muscle and joint flexibility, as well as relieving pain and tension.

At Bodymechanics we offer a wide range of professional, safe and friendly massage that restores and rejuvenates aching muscles, provides instant stress and tension relief and improves mobility so you can enjoy life to the full feeling great.

Our services include;

  • Relaxation Massage - stress busting and tension releasing, often described as absolute bliss
  • Sports Massage - treatments specifically for a chosen sport or training programme
  • Pregnancy Massage - specialised massage releases stress, eliminates pain and helps with nausea
  • Deep Tissue Massage - helpful for chronic aches and pains, realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue

Our job is to make you feel good all over, and that includes your mental health and wellbeing.  When we feel good then we can handle work and life pressure with greater ease, we make better decisions without letting life get the better of us and if you're into your sport you can maintain peak performance.

We also offer a specialised intuitive healing service that we’d love to talk you through one-on-one.  

Massage is here to stimulate your body’s own healing process and we’re 100% committed and passionate about your good health.

Just visit our services page for fast track booking or call me today to find out more information on 07 312  4342.  We offer exceptional massage services that offer instant relief and rejuvenation. Come in and let us show you what we mean.